Clarence Smith, Jr.

Board Member

Clarence Smith, Jr. maintains a law practice in New York, New York representing both corporate and individual clients in various immigration matters. Prior to starting his own law practice, Mr. Smith joined the Law Firm of Connell Foley, LLP., of Roseland, New Jersey and served as a Partner from (2005 – 2008). At Connell Foley Mr. Smith led the Immigration Law practice which was an important component of the firm’s comprehensive Labor and Employment Law services. In addition Mr. Smith also served as an Assistant Chief Counsel for the United States Department of Homeland Security from (1998 – 2005). There, Mr. Smith represented the United States Government in Deportation and Removal Proceedings in Immigration Proceedings. Prior to his service at USDHS, Mr. Smith served as a Senior Court Attorney for the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Judicial Department from (1994 – 1998). There, Mr. Smith represented the DDC in administrative proceedings concerning attorney misconduct.

Prior to his service at the DDC, Mr. Smith served as an Assistant District Attorney for the New York County District Attorney’s Office from (1988 – 1994). There, Mr. Smith represented the State of New York in the prosecution of criminal matters committed in the County of New York. An experienced arbitrator from 1999 – present, Mr. Smith has been currently serving before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers.