PLS has five offices across New York State in close proximity to New York’s 52 prisons.

Staffed by lawyers with decades of experience in constitutional, civil rights, corrections and administrative law.
Trusted and respected by our clients, their families and loved ones based on decades of investigation, advocacy, litigation, and education on prison issues.
Created by New York State in response to  the Attica uprising, PLS is an independent, non-profit legal services organization representing incarcerated New Yorkers on conditions of confinement.

Complaints of brutality, mistreatment and abuse; failure to provide adequate medical and mental health care; improper disciplinary hearings; denial of educational and vocational programming; wrongful sentence and jail time computations; and suspension or termination of visitation rights.
For release from solitary confinement, restoration of good time, adequate medical and mental health treatment, proper certification of jail time credit, and appropriate education and programming.
For better living conditions, protection of civil and human rights and a pathway to citizenship.
Providing incarcerated individuals with the tools needed to safeguard their civil and human rights and successfully reintegrate into their communities upon release.

Attica - A Cry For Help

For an overview of the reasons why PLS was created and insight into why an organization like PLS is vital to New York State’s system of criminal and civil justice, click on the video.
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About Us

The Number One Attica Reform: PLS

…following the 1971 Attica uprising to ensure that the voices of incarcerated New Yorkers are heard.

…to indigent individuals confined in New York State prisons.

…and advocate for a more humane criminal justice system.


  • the excessive use of force;
  • solitary confinement;
  • disciplinary hearings;
  • access to education, programming and medical and mental health care;
  • jail time credit and sentence computation;
  • child custody and support and family visitation; and
  • immigration and deportation defense.


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Practice areas
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Information for Incarcerated Individuals and their loved ones


Practice Areas

Please note that staffing and resources impact our ability to accept cases. In addition, each case requires a legal merit assessment. Because of these limitations, the below list is not a guarantee that all requests for assistance within our practice area will be accepted.

Access to Courts

Access to Records

Child Support

Child Visitation

Disability Rights

Disciplinary Hearings


Early Release

• temporary release
• merit time
• work release
• Shock Incarceration
• Willard DTC
• clemency
• parole for deportation only

Excessive Force

Failure to Protect

Freedom of Speech and Religion


Health and Safety


• Removal Defense
• Custody/Bond Proceedings
• Habeas Corpus
• Petitions for Review of Orders of Removal and Stays of Removal

Jail Time Credit

Medical Care

Medical Parole

Mental Health Care


• Denial
• Rescission
• Conditions

Protective Custody


Sentence Computation

Sexual Harassment

Solitary Confinement

Visitation Suspension

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