Re-entry program

What is the Pre-Release and Re-Entry Program?

Through PREP, PLS assists incarcerated persons scheduled to be released to the five boroughs of NYC and Orange and Dutchess Counties on their maximum release date. PLS’ PREP Social Workers work with selected clients during their incarceration to address the psychological and practical aspects of re-entry. PREP participants continue to work with their Social Worker for three years post-release and receive counseling and other highly individualized re-entry services.

For More information, please contact:

Jill Marie Nolan, LCSW
Pre-Release and Re-Entry Program
Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York
10 Little Britain Road, Suite 204
Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 391-3110 EXT. 1504

Who does pre-release and re-entry program assist?

The PREP social work staff works with clients who are six to eighteen months from their maximum release date and are returning to the five boroughs of NYC or Orange or Dutchess Counties.

Funded by:

PLS’s Pre-Release and Re-Entry Program is funded by the New York Community Trust and the van Ameringen Foundation

Service matters:

Education is one of the building blocks to successful reentry. As part of each client’s reentry plan we review their educational needs and educational goals. We assist our clients by:


  • Gathering educational records
  • Reviewing educational records and assessments
  • Determining if a client has an Individual Education Plan and working to ensure it is followed
  • Advocating for placement in educational and vocational programs in DOCCS that meet the client’s goals
  • Determining which community educational and vocational programs fit best within the reentry plan and assisting clients with in enrollment in these programs
  • Exploring with our client higher education opportunities and creating a plan from SAT and ACT testing through applications to colleges, and connecting clients to financial aid officers


Safe and adequate housing is essential to success in the community. Working with our clients we assist in finding housing by:


  • Connecting with family of clients returning home to family
  • Acquiring housing benefits each client is eligible to receive
  • Searching for appropriate housing in the community with our clients
  • Navigating the shelter system for clients who need to begin their journey home there

Sustainable employment enables success in the community. To assist our client in meeting this goal we provide:

  • Referrals to employment and job readiness training programs to where clients will learn
    • Skills needed for the employment of their choice
    • Interviewing techniques and tips
    • How to create a resume


  • Assistance in employment searches

Substance Use Disorder is a medical condition that deserves treatment allowing our clients to focus on their recovery and achieving their reentry goals. We identify with our client the type of program that will best meet their specific recovery needs. We help our clients meet this goal by:

  • Determining the type of treatment, the treatment modality, where our client can best focus on his/her/their recovery.
  • Finding the appropriate inpatient or outpatient program that meets this plan
  • Assisting our client with admission to the program

Medical care includes both wellness care and attending to any specific medical needs. Maintaining health and continuing care are another building block for success in the community. We assist our clients in meeting their healthcare goals by:

  • Determining the appropriate health insurance
  • Identifying with our clients what continuing medical care they will need upon their return home
  • Finding health care providers in the community who
    • Provide wellness care such as annual physicals, dental care and eye care
    • Offer specialty medical care for the clients’ specific medical needs

Living in prison is extremely stressful. This stress may create a need for supportive mental health services or may exacerbate a client’s established mental health needs. Some of our clients will need supportive mental health services for an extended period of time. Success in the community requires these mental health needs of all levels be fulfilled. To meet these needs, we assist by:

  • Identifying with the client and the client’s providers the diagnosis and the treatment modality that best serves the client
  • Determining what additional health insurance is required
  • Searching for the inpatient or outpatient program that best fits the client’s needs
  • Ensuring clients have the medications they need upon release
  • Working with the client to manage medications, appointments, employment or school, and other regular daily activities