Marie-Ann Sennett

Managing Attorney

(845) 391-3110 ext. 1503

Marie returns to PLS as the Managing Attorney for our new Newburgh Office. Happy to be back with PLS, she last worked in the Buffalo Office from 1993 through 1998 as a staff attorney. A civil rights and criminal attorney for over 29 years, Marie worked a Public Defender in Baltimore and New York City where she honed her trial skills, as an immigration attorney, and as a prisoners’ rights attorney. She graduated from Temple Law School in 1989. In her role as Executive Director of D.C. Prisoners’ Legal Services Project, Marie worked to reduce the prison population, build alternatives to sentencing, and develop a holistic reentry strategy. She regularly brought cases against the injustices caused by the private prison industry. Marie is excited the Newburgh Office will be running the Pre-Release and Re-Entry Program. In an effort to bring teens new opportunities, Marie created a Teen CSI program where the forensic experts of the Baltimore City Police taught the teens crime scene investigation and testing, and judges, prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys taught the teens trial skills. She also taught yoga and mindfulness at the Boys and Girls Club.