Jahaira Roldan

Immigration Paralegal/ Administrative Assistant

(518) 694-8699 ext. 2111


Jahaira Roldan, Immigration Paralegal/Administrative Assistant. Jahaira was born in Queens, New York and then moved to the South End of Albany where she grew up. She is currently pursuing her BA in Sociology with a minor in Political Science at the University at Albany. Through her BA program, Jahaira is also conducting research on immigration policy’s inherent impacts on second and third generation children of migrant parents. She intends on continuing her education in pursuit of a law degree to one day practice immigration law. Jahaira is also the director of Project T.R.Y., a local grassroots organization set to repairing property damages and community engagement post-COVID and recent events in historically marginalized districts of Albany. In her free time, Jahaira enjoys rollerblading throughout downtown Albany and practicing new sushi roll recipes.