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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 13, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. Supreme Court: Prisoners Must Exhaust Administrative Remedies in All Cases Before Filing in Federal Court – New Hurdle for Inmate Litigants
  2. A Letter from the Executive Director – Tom Terrizzi
  3. Supreme Court: Prison Officials Liable for Chaining an Inmate to a Hitching Post; Qualified Immunity Rejected
  4. Supreme Court: No Right Against Self Incrimination in Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
  5. Second Circuit: No Right to Privacy in Prison
  6. State Court: Court Cannot Set Conditions of Confinement for Ill Inmate
  7. State Court: Court Upholds 15 Years to Life Sentence for Throwing Urine
  8. State Court: Defendant Must be Told When Post-Release Supervision is Part of Sentence
  9. Court of Claims: State Not Liable for Violation of Cell Search Procedure
  10. Disciplinary Hearings: Threats and Harassment
  11. Disciplinary Hearings: DNA Database
  12. Discipline: Res Judicata Prohibits Second Misbehavior Report for Same Conduct
  13. Discipline: Inmate Who Doesn’t Attend Hearing May Call Witnesses on His Behalf
  14. Parole: Board Decision Contrary to the Evidence is Arbitrary and Capricious
  15. Y2K: The Legal Fallout
  16. Recent Developments in Religious Freedom
  17. Prisoners’ Legal Services Joins Lawsuit Charging Unconstitutional Treatment of Mentally Ill in Prison
  18. New filing Rules for Inmates in State Court – Indigent Inmates Must Now Pay a “Reduced” Filing Fee