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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. Second Circuit Issues: Seven Landmark Decisions in Favor of Prisoners
  2. Inadequate Notice is a Clearly Established Constitutional Violation
  3. A Reasonable Officer Would Have Known That Failing to Provide Adequate Notice of the Charges was Unconstitutional
  4. Sira Adequately Stated a Claim for Failing to Disclose Evidence
  5. Defendants are Entitled to Qualified Immunity Regarding Sira’s Sufficiency of the Evidence Claim
  6. A Message From Tom Terrizzi, Executive Director of PLS
  7. Voting Rights: Second Circuit Upholds New York State Statute Prohibiting Voting by Incarcerated Felons and Parolees
  8. New York City Plans to Place Housing Restrictions on Convicted Sex and Drug Offenders
  9. DNA: District Court Upholds Constitutionality of DNA Statute
  10. “Restricted Diet” Case: Prisoner Substantially Prevails on Opposition to Summary Judgment Motion
  11. Sex Offender Treatment Programs and the Fifth Amendment
  12. Hepatitis C: District Court Grants DOCS Summary Judgment
  13. First Amendment – Freedom of Religion – Update Court Accepts DOCS’ New Guidelines on “Five Percenter” Literature and Practices
  14. New York’s Death Penalty “Deadlock Provision” Found Unconstitutional
  15. FOIL Decision
  16. Civil Procedure/Administrative Regulations: Appeal Response Period is Directory
  17. Civil Procedure/Service Requirements: Insufficient Funds No Excuse for Failure to Serve Order to Show Cause
  18. Contraband: Defense to Drug Charge results in Contraband Charge
  19. Contraband/Drugs: Inference of Possession
  20. In Absentia Hearing: Inmate’s Conduct Warranted Exclusion from Hearing
  21. Denial of Right to Witnesses: New Evidence Results in Previously Denied Witness Becoming Relevant
  22. Denial of Right to Witnesses: Court Finds Supervisors’ Testimony Regarding Their Understanding of Facility Memo, Irrelevant
  23. Substantial Evidence: Lack of Involvement of Other Inmates Does Not Negate Charge of Organizing a Demonstration
  24. Unauthorized Organizational Material: Does Anyone Have a Widget?
  25. Failure to Provide Requested Documents Results in Negative Inference Being Drawn
  26. Information Set Forth In Notice of Intention Found Adequate to Place State on Notice
  27. Parole Denial Based on Incorrect Information Reversed, New Hearing Order
  28. Are You Entitled to Prior Sentence Credit Under People v. Richardson?