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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 2

Table of Contents

  1. New York High Court Reverses 20-Year Precedent; Holds Inmates Entitled to Credit for Out-of-State Jail Time
  2. A Message from Tom Terrizzi, Executive Director of PLS
  3. State Supreme Court Upholds DOCS’ Policy Requiring Prisoners to Serve Keeplock Disciplinary Confinement in SHU
  4. DOCS Implements New Drug and Explosive Screening Devise with Mixed Reviews
  5. Roadblocks to Reentry: A Report by the Legal Action Center
  6. Second Circuit Reinstates Prisoners’ 1st Amendment “Free Exercise” of Religion Claims
  7. The Second Circuit Finds Hearsay Accusation from the Victim of an Assault, Without More, is Not “Some Evidence”
  8. Second Circuit Takes Small Steps on PLRA
  9. Contraband: Photographs, Approved at One Facility, Found to Constitute Gang-Related Material at Another
  10. Drug Testing: No Right to Submit Results of Polygraph or DNA Tests in Disciplinary Hearing
  11. Grooming Standards: Inmate Allowed to Wear Braids Below Hairline
  12. Inadequate Employee Assistance and Denial of Witness: Claims Dismissed
  13. Insufficiency of Misbehavior Report
  14. Off-the-Record Conversation: Not Error When Sole Purpose Was to Determine if Testimony Would be Relevant
  15. Off-the-Record Conversation: Error When Hearing Officer Speaks With Drug Testing Company’s Technical Expert
  16. Res Judicata: Prohibits New Disciplinary Charges When Original Charges Are Dismissed
  17. Substantial Evidence: Reasonable Inference of Possession When Contraband is Found in area Within Inmate’s Control
  18. Substantial Evidence: Absent More, Hearsay Allegations Are Not Substantial Evidence
  19. Waiver: Failure to Object Results in Inmate’s Waiver of Procedural Errors
  20. Court Challenge Results in Criminal Court Judge Withdrawing Impermissible Sanction
  21. Guilty Plea Forfeits Alleged Pre-Plea Error
  22. Jurisdiction: Notice of Claim Most be Filed Within 90 Days of Incident
  23. Unlawful Imprisonment: Inmate Wins Claim After DOCS Refuses to Implement Willard Sentence
  24. Appellate Division Declines to Reverse Favorable Parole Case; Finds Issues Moot
  25. Appellate Division Upholds Decision Finding Arrest and Conviction on New Charge While on Temporary Release Constitutes Absconding
  26. Select Issues in Sentence Calculation
  27. Concurrent Indeterminate Sentences Imposed at Different Times
  28. Determinate Sentence Running Consecutively to Previously Imposed Indeterminate Sentence