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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 13, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. Supreme Court Affirms Strict Limits on Prison Visitation
  2. DOCS Institutes New Rate Structure for Phone-Home Program But Retains Criticized Commissions
  3. A Bill to Improve Treatment of Inmates with Mental Illness Introduced in the Assembly
  4. Court Rejects DOCS’ Ban on “Five Percenter” Literature and Practices; Finds Nation to be Legitimate Religion
  5. Inmate Prevails in Religious Challenge to TB Skin Test
  6. No 8th Amendment Violation Found in Delay of HIV Treatment
  7. Inmate Wins Sex Change Treatment
  8. Deprivation Order Held Not To Violate Eighth Amendment
  9. Form Over Substance? Second Sircuit Dismisses Inmates’ 8th Amendment Claim As Too Complicated, Vague
  10. Prison Officials Not Immune From Suit for Imposing Disciplinary Sentence Without Due Process
  11. Authorized Computer Use Does Not Support Allegation of Misuse of State Property
  12. Expungement of the Record is Not Expungement of the Facts
  13. No Evidence of Misbehavior in this Highly Charged Case
  14. DOCS Fails to Prove Controlled Substance Violation
  15. State Courts Consider Hepatitis-C Treatment Issues
  16. Parole Board Must Consider Recommendations of Sentencing Court for Inmates with Indeterminate Sentences
  17. Inmates Filing Article 78 Proceedings Must Follow Orders to Show Cause
  18. Man Wins Bid to Keep Name Off Sex-Offender Registry
  19. Conviction Overturned for Inmate Who Allegedly Attacked Guard
  20. Son of Sam law Survives Death, But Not Child Support
  21. Questions and Answers About the DNA Databank
  22. Supreme Court Affirms Novel Restrictions on Convicts’ Freedom (Megan’s Laws)