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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 13, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. State Supreme Court Orders Parole Board to Give Fair Consideration to Positive Institutional Adjustment
  2. New Laws to Provide for Earlier Release
  3. A Message from Tom Terrizzi, PLS Executive Director
  4. Son of Sam Law Survives Constitutional Challenge
  5. Paroled Inmate Wins New Hearing on License Application
  6. State Found Liable for Inmate Death
  7. Violation of Visitation Regs Results in Damages for Inmate
  8. Family Court: Inmate Has Right to Attend Child Support Hearings . . .
  9.  . . . But No Right to Counsel in Visitation Hearing
  10. Sentence Computation: Attest and Conviction on New Charge While on Temporary Release Counts as Absconding
  11. 2d Circuit Addresses Retaliation Claims
  12. Contraband: Confidential Information Establishes Possession
  13. Contraband: Inmates Found to Possess Contraband
  14. Direct Orders: Inmates Must Follow Them
  15. Documentary Evidence: Denial of Right to Present Evidence is Harmless Error
  16. Drug Testing: Hair Test Doesn’t Overcome Urinalysis Test
  17. Drug Testing: No Excuse Found for Failure to Provide Urine Sample
  18. Drug Testing: Wrong Date on Urinalysis Form Found Harmless Error
  19. Harassment Violation: No Proof of Intent Needed
  20. Notice: Ambiguous Misbehavior Report Deemed Sufficient
  21. Inmate Can’t Claim Lack of Notice
  22. Substantial Evidence: Evidence is Insufficient to Support Correspondence Charge
  23. Witnesses: Inmate Has No Right to Be Present for Hearing Officer’s Witnesses
  24. Long Term Administrative Segregation
  25. The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA): Beyond Exhaustion
  26. To Notarize or Not to Notarize: That is the Question!