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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 20, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. Developments in the Law of Post-Release Supervision
  2. A Message from the Executive Director, Karen Murtagh-Monks
  3. U.S. Supreme Court Finds Attorney Ineffective for Failing to Advise Client of the Immigration Consequences of his Plea
  4. Changes to Adoption and Safe Families Act for Families Separated by Incarceration
  5. Pardons to Circumvent Deportation
  6. Drug Testing Not Required to Support the Charge of Drug Smuggling
  7. Change of Circumstances Does Not Require Change in Penalty
  8. Failure to timely Serve Leads to Dismissal
  9. Court Upholds Condition That Parolee Have No Contact With Wife
  10. In Sentencing, As in Life, Timing Can Be Everything
  11. Where the Sentence, as Originally Imposed, Was Illegal, There Are Limits on the Court’s Authority to Correct
  12. Federal Damages Against Officer Do Not Limit Damages in Court of Claims Action
  13. Waiting for Willard . . .
  14. Evidence of Inmate Code of Silence Admitted in Jail Fight Prosecution
  15. Shy Bladder and Urinalysis Testing