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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 20, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. New York to End “Prisoner Gerrymandering”
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen Murtagh-Monks
  3. State Appellate Court Dismisses Damages Claim for Illegal Post Release Supervision
  4. Commission on Quality Care Issues Review of Mental Health Programs within DOCS
  5. Federal District Courts Rule on Exhaustion of Harassment Grievance Process
  6. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Dismisses Claim for Damages Resulting from TB Hold
  7. Court Reverses Denial of Parole to “Model Prisoner”
  8. Conditions of release Which Prevented Release Conflicted with Civil Commitment Law
  9. Court Rejects Inmates’ Novel Theory of Entitlement to Parole Release
  10. Court Finds Defendant Eligible for Drug Law Re-sentencing: Ten Year “Exclusion” Period Runs from Date Re-sentencing Application was Submitted, Not Date Offense was Committed
  11. Petitioner Not Entitled to Jail Time for Time Spent Serving Misdemeanor Sentence
  12. Inmate Found Guilty Based on Confidential Information
  13. Petitioner Obtains Evidence Relevant to Disciplinary Case Through FOIL
  14. Petitioner Subject to Civil Confinement Law Even through Incarceration was Illegal
  15. Inmate Granted Visitation with His Children
  16. Inmate, Whose Parole Hold Was Extended Based on Erroneous Information, Not Entitled to Damages