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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. Supreme Court Affirms Order Requiring Reduction in California Prison Population
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen Murtagh-Monks
  3. DOCS Recognizes Same Sex Marriage
  4. Defense of Medication-Related Difficulty in Urination
  5. Failure to Timely Serve Article 78 Papers Leads to Dismissal
  6. Without a Showing of Prejudice, an Untimely Extension Does Not Warrant a Reversal
  7. Court of Appeals Clarifies the Point After Which an Illegal Sentence Cannot be Corrected
  8. Parole Board Commissioner Has Authority to Override ALJ’s Recommendation
  9. Parole Regs Governing Parole Eligibility of Juvenile Offenders
  10. Court of Appeals Reviews Rejection of Job Applicant with Criminal Record
  11. Beyond Going Home: From Reentry to Reintegration