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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. Federal Court Finds Several SOMTA Provisions to be Unconstitutional
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen L. Murtagh
  3. Mental Hygiene Legal Services v. Cuomo
  4. State Not Liable for Consequences of Illegally Imposed PRS
  5. The SHU Exclusion Law
  6. Record Did Not Support Charge of Filing a Lien
  7. Evidence Did Not Support Charge of Penal Law Violation Where Offenses Were Committed Prior to DOCS Custody
  8. Off the Record Conversation Leads to Expungement of Hearing
  9. 2009 DLRA Relief is Available to Re-incarcerated Parole Violators
  10. Court Not Required to Tell Defendant of the Consequences of Violating Post Release Supervision
  11. DOCS Ordered to Replace Inmate’s Eyeglasses
  12. Court Finds that the Passage of 11 ½ Months Between the Incident and the Indictment Does Not Violate Due Process
  13. Court Finds Cell Phone to be Dangerous Contraband