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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 6

Table of Contents

  1. State Law Barring Adoptions by Felons Found to be Unconstitutional
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen L. Murtagh
  3. Penal Law “Expiration” Dates
  4. The Line Between Self-Defense and Assault; Credibility Determinations
  5. Court Reverses Tier III Due to HO’s Violation of Inmate’s Right to Call Witnesses
  6. Denial of request for Directive on Contraband Searches Leads to Hearing Annulment
  7. HO’s Personal Interview of Witness Who Refused to Testify Leads to Dismissal of Article 78 Petition
  8. Untimely Preliminary Hearing Causes Court to Grant Habeas Petition
  9. Inmate Medical records Accessible Under FOIL, Not Just Public Health Law
  10. Poor Person Status Denied for Name Change Application
  11. Court Dismisses Article 78 Seeking Order to Compel Prosecution of Guard
  12. Court Upholds Denial of Limited Time Credit Allowance
  13. Challenge to Son of Sam Law Fails
  14. Misdiagnosis Not Enough for Deliberate Indifference Claim in Civil Rights Case