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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 17, No. 2

Table of Contents

  1. Landmark Settlement Decreases SHU Time, Increases Treatment of Prisoners with Serious Mental Illness
  2. Deaths in the Family
  3. Justice At Last: Editorial
  4. Parole: Making An Effort To Obtain Sentencing Minutes
  5. New York’s Persistent Felony Offender Statute: Unconstitutional?
  6. Court Finds No Excessive Force in Cell Extraction
  7. Substantial Evidence: Inmate Not Guilty of Forging Grievance Forms/Harassing Staff
  8. DOCS’s Regulations Adequately State Range of Sanctions for Disciplinary Misconduct, Says Court
  9. Inmate Loses Challenge to a Disciplinary Hearing Based on Denial of Witnesses
  10. Re-Hearing, Not Expungement, Was Proper Remedy for Failing to Allow Inmate to Comment on Evidence Against Him
  11. Twenty-One-Month Delay in Issuance of Misbehavior Report Voids Charges
  12. Inmate Waived Claim That He Was Not Given Urinalysis Test Result Form; Failed to Show Prejudice
  13. Court Reverses Parole Denial Based Solely on Seriousness of Crime
  14. Parole Revocation: Failure to Promptly Transfer Parole Violator to Willard Results in Release
  15. Court Affirms Revocation of Wife’s Visitation Privileges
  16. Inmate Lacks Standing to Challenge Denial of Mother’s/Sister’s Visiting Privileges
  17. Appellate Court Finds Revocation of Temporary Release Appropriate; Reverses Trial Court
  18. When Mental Illness is a Factor In A Superintendent’s Hearing
  19. Recent Developments Regarding Post-Release Supervision (“PRS”)