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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 17, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. Hints of Change at Parole
  2. A Message from Susan Johnson, Executive Director
  3. New Law Reinstates Inmates to Medicaid Immediately Upon Release
  4. Sentence Reform Commission Reviews State’s Complex, Inconsistent Sentencing Scheme
  5. Court Expresses Concern Over Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act
  6. Supreme Court: Prisoner’s Section 1983 Complaint That Termination of Hepatitis C Treatment Threatened His Life, States a Claim Under the Eighth Amendment
  7. Hearing Officer Erred in Relying on Confidential Information, but Error Was Harmless Where Other Evidence Supported the Decision
  8. “In Absentia” Hearing Reversed Where Inmate Was Not Advised of Consequences of Failure to Attend
  9. Disciplinary Hearing Was Timely Commenced
  10. Inmate Found Guilty of Possession of Escape Materials, Not Guilty of Correspondence Violations
  11. Inmate Found Guilty of Making Threats, Even Though Threats Not Made to Victim
  12. Inmate Forfeits Right to Challenge Administrative Segregation Hearing
  13. Hearing Officer’s Refusal to Provide Inmate With Correction Officer’s Injury Report Results in Reversal of Disciplinary Hearings
  14. Court Declines to Reverse Parole Denial of Model Inmate
  15. Court Reverses Parole Denial Where Denial Based Solely on Seriousness of the Crime
  16. Inmate, Burned During Physical Therapy, Wins Summary Judgment on DOCS’ Negligence
  17. Inmate Awarded $8,000 for DOCS’ Negligence in Allowing Other Inmates to Assault Him in SHU
  18. Inmate Denied Visitation With Children
  19. Inmate Denied Re-Sentencing Under Drug Law Reform Act
  20. Inmate in IPC Denied Permission to Participate in Family Reunion Program
  21. Inmate Denied Access to Pre-Sentence Report
  22. Inmate’s Article 78 Proceeding Dismissed as Untimely
  23. Bringing an Excessive Force Lawsuit in the Court of Claims