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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 18, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. “Boot the SHU” Bill Becomes Law in New York
  2. Message From the Executive Director
  3. Post Release Supervision
  4. New York’s Highest Court Finds Correction Law §24 Constitutional
  5. Sex Offenders and Civil Management
  6. Incomplete Expungement Leads to Award of Costs
  7. Doctrine of Res Judicata Does Not Bar Second Tier III Proceeding Following Criminal Conviction
  8. Employee Assistant Claim Dismissed; Substantial Evidence
  9. Court Rules Meaning of Letters is a Question of Credibility
  10. Failure to Call Witnesses Leads to Expungement
  11. Lack of Foundation for Drug Test Results Leads to Expungement
  12. Regulations Do Not Require That Witnesses Testify in Inmate’s Presence
  13. BOP Releases State’s Oldest Prisoner
  14. After Court Orders New Hearing, DOP Releases Man Serving 18 Years to Life
  15. Governor Nixes Settlement
  16. Court Orders Reconsideration of Parolee’s Release from Supervision
  17. Visitation with Children
  18. Court Overturns TAC Decision
  19. HIV Class Action Settled
  20. Two Provisions of Article 10 of the MHL Are Unconstitutional
  21. Class Certified in Challenge to Parole Denials for A-1 Felony Offenders and Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Denied
  22. Legal Basics: Federal Rights and Federal Courts