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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 18, No. 2

Table of Contents

  1. ‘Earley’ Case Roils Sentencing Waters: Court of Appeals Holds DOCS May Not Impose Post Release Supervision
  2. Where Sentencing Court Silent; Appellate Court Holds DOCS May Not Run Predicate Sentence
  3. Consecutive to Parole Time Where Sentencing Court Silent
  4. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen Mutagh-Monks
  5. DOCS Proposes Repealing “Unauthorized Organizational Activities” Disciplinary Rule and Proposes Rules that Include Expansion of Authorized Publications
  6. Supplemental Merit Time to be Considered in Calculating Temporary Release/CASAT Eligibility
  7. New York City, in Policy Change, to Permit Suspension of Child Support Payments While in Prison
  8. Plaintiff’s Claims of Denials of Access to the Courts and Retaliation Claims Dismissed
  9. Inmate’s Depiction of Gang Symbol Results in Discipline
  10. Court Finds Insufficient Evidence that Inmate Disobeyed Direct Order
  11. X-Ray Contradicted Charge that Inmate Possessed Weapon
  12. Evidence Failed to Support Charge that Petitioner Tampered with Electrical Device
  13. Court Finds that Time Limits on Disciplinary Hearings Are Not Mandatory and a Failure to Provide Inmate with CO’s Medical Records Was a ‘Harmless’ Error
  14. Removal of Inmate from Disciplinary Hearing Held Appropriate
  15. DOCS Lacked Evidence that Inmate Possessed Weapon
  16. Inmate Disciplined for Possession of Twenty-Nine “Identification Size” Photos
  17. Inmate Not Guilty of “Harassing” Female Employee
  18. Parole Denial provokes Dissent
  19. Court Reverses Parole Denial Where Board Relied on Non-Statutory Factors
  20. Board Concedes that Parole Hearing was “Fatally Flawed”
  21. Petitioner Denied “Area of Preference” Transfer
  22. Inmate in Civil Commitment Proceeding Not Entitled to Less Restrictive Conditions
  23. Placement of Inmate in Administrative Segregation, Despite Positive Behavior in SHU, Okay with Court
  24. Plaintiff States Claim Against County Jail in Slip and Fall Case
  25. Father, Incarcerated for Domestic Violence, Prohibited Contact with Child
  26. Inmate Denied Permission to Send Excess Stamps Home
  27. Court Rejects Denial of State Job to Ex-Felon
  28. Bringing a Habeas Corpus Proceeding in State Court
  29. Human Rights Watch Seeks Information from Inmates