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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 18, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. PRS Re-Sentencing Cases Advance, Raise Questions
  2. A Message from Karen Murtagh-Monks, Executive Director
  3. Gill Case Goes to Court of Appeals
  4. Former Inmate Awarded $1.4 Million in Damages for Injuries from Guards
  5. Parole Commissioner Charged With Sex Offense
  6. DOCS Settles Class Action Over Sex Offender Program: Grants “Use Immunity” to Participating Inmates
  7. New Law Requires Parole to Assist Inmates Find Housing and to Consider Additional Factors Before Releasing Certain Sex Offenders
  8. A Tribute to Paul Curran, PLS Board Chairman, 1988-2008
  9. Second Circuit Reinstates Conviction of Correctional Officer Who Fatally Injured County Jail Prisoner
  10. District Court Rejects Claim That Extension of Sex Offender Registration Period Violates Ex Post Facto Clause, Due Process
  11. District Court Rejects Claim That Commissioner, Superintendent, Should Have Done More to Prevent Assault at Green Haven
  12. Magistrate Judge Appoints Counsel for One Inmate, Denies It for Another
  13. Inmate Found Not Guilty of Solicitation Guilty of Harassing Facility Nurse
  14. Inmate Found Guilty of Conspiring to Smuggle Drugs Into Facility
  15. Inmate Held Not Entitled to Back Pay After Disciplinary Conviction Reversed
  16. Inmate Found Guilty of Interfering With An Employee
  17. Evidence Did Not Support Charge of Smuggling, Drug Possession, and Violating Visiting Room Procedure
  18. Denial of Temporary Release to Former Supreme Court Justice Not Improper, Court Holds
  19. DOCS Did Not Err in Withholding good Time
  20. Inmate Denied Parole Based on Seriousness of Offense
  21. Inmate Not Entitled to Damages for Mouse Bite
  22. Court Rejects Jury’s Conclusion That Sex Offender Should be released From Civil Confinement
  23. Inmate Serving Definite Sentence in Local Jail Not Entitled to Parole Jail Time Credit Against Interrupted State Sentence
  24. Two Decades in Solitary
  25. The Law of “Jail Time”