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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 19, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. Court of Appeals reverses Decision in People ex rel. Gill v. Greene
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen L. Murtagh-Monks
  3. DLRA: Resentencing of Defendants Convicted of A-II Drug Offenses
  4. Appellate Division Concludes That Surcharge on Collect Calls is Legal
  5. New Parole Board Chairman Appointed
  6. Court Finds Punitive Damages Award Excessive
  7. Post-Release Supervision
  8. Several Sentences Are Combined to Form One Aggregate Sentence
  9. DLRA: Resentencing Denied for Violent Offender with Multiple Disciplinary Hearings
  10. Resentencing Denied Where Inmate Had 17 Disciplinary Hearings in A 6 Year Period
  11. Authorization for Mail Watch and Credibility Determinations
  12. Wrong Incident Date in Misbehavior Report
  13. Facility Mail Rules, Mail Watch and Unauthorized Organization
  14. Authorization for Mail Watch Was Not Required
  15. Urinalysis Test procedures
  16. Monthly Parole Hearings
  17. Court Reverses Dismissal of Challenge to Grievance
  18. No Right to Visits in SHU
  19. Denial of Family Reunion Visit Was Not arbitrary or Capricious
  20. Man Wrongfully Imprisoned Can Proceed Directly to Damages Phase of Trial
  21. Article 78 Challenged to Grievance Decisions Fails
  22. Was the State’s Conduct the Proximate Cause of the Injury?