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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 19, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. B Felony Re-sentencing for State Prisoners
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen L. Murtagh-Monks
  3. Democracy Behind Bars
  4. Ex-Offender Gets Second Chance to be a Substitute Teacher in NYC
  5. Governor Nominates Andrea Evans as Chair of the State Board of Parole
  6. UCC Liens and Tier III Hearings
  7. Related Emergency Rules Adopted by DOCS
  8. “Think Outside the Cell” Writing Contest
  9. Prisons to Close
  10. Res Judicata Bars Second Tier III Hearing
  11. Abusive Language in Grievance Found to be a Basis for Discipline
  12. Petitioner Did Not Provide Information Needed to Identify His Witness
  13. Remedy for Reversal of Hearing is Limited
  14. Misbehavior Report Was Written As Soon As Practicable
  15. Testimony from Medical Staff Supports Conclusion that inmate Waived Right to Attend Hearing
  16. Waiver of Right to Attend Hearing Also Waives right to Challenge Any Procedural Irregularities
  17. Scissors in Backpack Supported Charge of Weapons Possession
  18. Court Confirms Hearing Officer’s Adjudication of Conspiracy to Escape
  19. Court Kinds Kanji Cards to be Contraband
  20. Court Rejects Petition for Experimental Treatment
  21. Although the Court Imposed Multiple Sentences, They Merged Into One Sentence
  22. Successful Article 78 Challenge to Administrative Imposition of PRS
  23. Loss of Sentencing Minutes Leads to positive Inference
  24. Parolee’s Failure to Comply with Special Condition Leads to Revocation
  25. Failure to Consider Statutory Factor Leads to De Novo Hearing
  26. Inmate Claimant Fails to Meet Burden of Proof at Trial
  27. Defendants Must Plead and Prove Comparative Negligence
  28. Rule Prohibiting the Organization of Work Stoppages Not Unconstitutional
  29. Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies and “Outside” Health Care Providers
  30. New York State Public Defense Services County Defender Officers