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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 20, No. 5

Table of Contents

  1. Court Awards $20,000 Due to the Miscalculation of Release Date
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen Murtagh-Monks
  3. Magistrate Finds Parole Policy Unconstitutional and Orders Agency to Determine the Actual Relationship of Local Sentences to Undischarged Felony Sentences
  4. Appeals Court Rules New York’s Persistent Felony Offender Law is Constitutional
  5. Court Finds Violation of Inmate’s Right to be Present During Witness Testimony
  6. Violation of Right to Call Witnesses leads to Reversal of Hearing
  7. Failure to Serve as Directed in Order to Show Cause Leads to Dismissal
  8. Court Finds that Parole Board Misrepresented Petitioner’s Conduct
  9. Drug Law Reform Act of 2009
  10. Defendant Cannot “Tacitly” Waive Counsel at Sentencing
  11. Federal Court Solicitude Toward Pro Se Plaintiffs
  12. Court Denies Damages for Unlawful PRS that was Served Prior to 2008
  13. Orders of Protection