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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. Urinalysis Directive Revised to Accommodate Inmates Who Suffer From Shy Bladder Disorder
  2. A Message from the Executive Director – Karen L. Murtagh
  3. Whether Less Than 25 Grams of Marijuana is Dangerous Contraband Depends on the Contents of the Indictment
  4. HO’s Handling of Witness Refusal Forms Leads to Reversal and Expungement
  5. Court Rules That Inartful Questioning Is An Improper Basis for Exclusion From Hearing
  6. Improper Use of Phone During Family Reunion Visit Leads to Several Disciplinary Charges
  7. Substantial Evidence Did Not Support Charge that Inmate Threatened Officer
  8. Request for Reconsideration Does Not Toll Statute of Limitations
  9. Contamination of Urine Sample is Not Substantial Evidence of Interfering with an Employee; Petitioner Not Entitled to OMH Testimony
  10. Regulation Permits Officer Who Approved Contraband Watch To Serve As Hearing Officer
  11. Annotated List of Names Is Not Substantial Evidence of Possession of Gang Related Materials
  12. Court Finds No Evidence Supports Determination That Inmate Used Job to Steal Money
  13. Appeals Court Has Authority to Dictate When a Parolee Can Associate With His Wife
  14. Denial of Parole Upheld in Spite of Missing Sentencing Minutes
  15. When Must a Claimant State a Specific Amount of Damages
  16. SOMTA: Confined or Under Supervision for a Sex Offense or a Related Offense
  17. Civil Management: Court Approves Transfer from Community Supervision to Confinement
  18. Changing Your Name