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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 16, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. “Boot the SHU” Bill Gains Momentum, Despite Governor’s Veto
  2. Court of Appeals Rejects Pataki Effort to Civilly Commit Sex Offenders but Leaves Door Open to Future Efforts
  3. Background: Efforts to Involuntarily Commit So-Called “Sexual Predators”
  4. Remembering Attica: A veto by Gov. Pataki shows N.Y. may have too easily forgotten
  5. Questions Re: Post-Release Supervision Lead to . . . More Questions
  6. Efforts of Shi’a Muslim Inmates to Obtain Separate Services Falter
  7. Second Circuit: A Compromise on Damages for Time in SHU
  8. Drug Testing: Chain of Custody Established by Officer’s Testimony
  9. Substantial Evidence, Employee Assistance: Evidence Did Not Support Hearing Officer’s Conclusion that Petitioner Had Absconded From Work Release
  10. In Absentia Hearings
  11. Substantial Evidence: Unauthorized Mail Watch Leads to Reversal of Hearing
  12. Institutional Records: Inmate Fails in Bid to Expunge Sex Crime Information from His Institutional Records
  13. Programs
  14. Parole: Tide Turning?
  15. Pro Se Practice: Inmates’ Right to Provide Legal Assistance to One-Another
  16. A Letter from Susan Johnson, Executive Director, Prisoners’ Legal Services