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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 16, No. 2

Table of Contents

  1. Appellate Division Affirms Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders
  2. A Message from Susan Johnson, Executive Director
  3. The Need for External Prison Oversight
  4. Rockefeller Reform Provisions Stymied? CASAT Orders and A-II Re-Sentencing Affected
  5. Court Ordered CASAT
  6. Trial Begins in Case Challenging Treatment of Mentally Ill Inmates
  7. Inmate’s Allegation of Sexuality Suggestive Pat-Frisk is Sufficient, if True, to Establish Eighth Amendment Violation
  8. Drug Possession: Drugs Found in Inmate’s Cell Belong to Inmate; Inmate Waived Other Defense by Failing to Raise Them at the Hearing
  9. Drug Smuggling: Transcript of Telephone Call Supported Smuggling Charge
  10. Drug Testing: Failure to Properly Admit Drug Test Results Held Harmless Error, Where Other Evidence Supported Hearing Officer’s Finding of Guilt on Drug Possession Charge
  11. Drug Testing: Test Results Were Irrelevant to Smuggling and Conspiracy Charges
  12. Drug Use: Defenses of Contamination and Inadequate Employee Assistance Fail
  13. Employee Assistance: Inmate Who Was Neither Illiterate, Non-English Speaking, nor Sensorially Disabled Was Not Entitled to an Employee Assistant
  14. Remedies: Expungment v. New Hearing
  15. Substantial Evidence: Hearsay Held Admissible to Show Temporary Release Violation
  16. Substantial Evidence: Weapons Charge Not Supported by Evidence
  17. Substantial Evidence: “Solicitation” Charge Dismissed for Lack of Evidence
  18. Substantial Evidence: Charges of Altering an Item and Stealing a Television Were Not Supported by the Misbehavior Report
  19. Substantial Evidence: Inmate Guilty of Assault, Notwithstanding Testimony of Vicitm to the Contrary
  20. Substantial Evidence: Inmate Guilty of “Falsely Reporting an Emergency”
  21. Substantial Evidence: Weapon Found in Inmate’s Cell Not Necessarily His
  22. Timeliness of Hearing: An Untimely Extension Doesn’t Invalidate This Hearing
  23. Witnesses: Recantation Merely Raises Issue of Credibility
  24. Article 78 Proceedings: Statute of Limitations
  25. Jewish Inmate’s Request to Worship in an Area Free of Other Religious Icons Mooted by Transfer
  26. Inmate Receives No “Special Accommodations” to Practice “Tulukeesh”
  27. Freedom of Information Law
  28. Parole Board Reversed for Failing to Consider Sentencing Court’s Recommendation
  29. Parole Board Reversed for Failing to Consider Statutory Criteria
  30. Imposition of “Special Conditions” Prevents Inmate’s Conditional Release
  31. Assignment to Sex Offender Counseling Was Not “Arbitrary and Capricious”
  32. Good Time Withheld for Failing to Complete Sex Offender Program
  33. Lack of Standing to Challenge Visitation Denial
  34. DOCS’ Refusal to Place Inmate in Protective Custody Insufficient to Show DOCS’ At Fault When Inmate Was Later Assaulted
  35. Consecutive Sentences and People v. Richardson
  36. New York’s Discretionary Persistent Felony Offender Law: Still Unconstitutional
  37. Commentary: On Sex Offender Hysteria