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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 16, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. Governor in All-Out Push for Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders
  2. Governor Also Moves Ahead on DNA Testing
  3. Some Very Bad Advice from the Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual: Post-Release Supervision Cannot Be Avoided By Maxing Out
  4. N.Y. Provides Inmates Little Opportunity for College-Level Education, Despite Research Indicating Effectiveness in Reducing Recidivism
  5. PLS Welcomes New Executive Director
  6. Paralyzed Inmate’s Suit Barred for Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies
  7. PLRA Ban on Damages for Emotional Distress Held Not to Apply to Ex-Inmates
  8. Documents: Third Department Holds Failure to Provide Inmate With Unusual Incident Report is Harmless Error, Where Report Does Not Exonerate Inmate, Nor Was Relied Upon by Hearing Officer
  9. Misbehavior Report: Charges Were Duplicative
  10. Witnesses: Inmate’s Wife Prevented From Testifying
  11. Witnesses: DOCS Failed to Adequately Investigate Witness’s Refusal to Testify
  12. Substantial Evidence: Confidential Information Did Not Constitute Substantial Evidence
  13. Substantial Evidence: Drug Testing: Proper Documentation Required
  14. Punishment: Court Upholds Eight-Year SHU Sentence for Assault-on-Officer
  15. Remedies: DOCS Must Expunge References to Reversed Disciplinary Hearing from Inmate’s Records
  16. Res Judicata: New Charges Based on Criminal Conviction Upheld Where Earlier Charges Dismissed
  17. Res Judicata
  18. Right to be Present: Hearing Officer Erred in Removing Inmate from Hearing
  19. Right to be Present: Inmate Refused to Attend Hearing
  20. Drug Testing: “Frequent Smoker” Defense Fails to Impress
  21. Hearing Record: Failure to Tape Hearing Results in Reversal
  22. Court Finds Denial of Parole to 87-Year-Old Inmate On Ground That He Presented a “Propensity for Extreme Violence” Irrational Bordering on Impropriety
  23. Disbarred Lawyer Denied Parole, Despite Earned Eligibility Certificate
  24. Name Change Application Denied to Sex Offender
  25. Court of Claims Denies Compensation for Injured Finger
  26. Sentencing: Sentences for Repeat Felony Offense Must Run Consecutively to Any Previously-Imposed Sentence Which Has Not Yet Been Discharged
  27. “Son of Sam Law” Passes Constitutional Muster: Inmate’s Malpractice Verdict Subject to Suit by Crime Victim
  28. Know Your Rights: A Guide to Civil Commitment in New York