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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 15, No. 4

Table of Contents

  1. Court Finds DOCS’ Telephone Rates May Be Unconstitutional
  2. Please Deposit All Your Money
  3. Rockefeller Drug Reform Update: New Law Permits Re-Sentencing of A-II Offenders; Dispute re: Eligibility Requirements
  4. Efforts to Extend Retroactivity to Other Classes of Drug Offenders Falter
  5. Not  All Eligible Offenders Granted New Sentences
  6. PLS Urges Legislature to Return College Programs to Prison: Says Education Crucial Part of Reintegration
  7. Second Circuit: Prison Discipline Following Criminal Conviction is Not Double Jeopardy
  8. New York’s High Court Holds Sentencing Courts Are Required to Inform Defendants When Post-Release Supervision Will be Consequence of Plea
  9. Witnesses: Court (Reluctantly) Reverses Hearing Where Petitioner was Improperly Denied Witnesses
  10. Timeliness: Hearing was Time Commenced
  11. Waiver: Guilty Plea Results in Waiver
  12. Waiver: Failure to Object to Conduct of Hearing Officer Leads to Waiver
  13. Waiver: Inmate Who Failed to Object at Hearing Waived Claims
  14. Contraband: Inmate’s Possession of Blank Letterhead of County Court Judge and District Court Clerk Held Rule Violation
  15. Notice: Incorrect Date on Misbehavior Report Did Not Prejudice Inmate’s Ability to Defend Himself
  16. Urinalysis Testing: Few Defenses Prevail
  17. Cases Grant DOCS Broad Discretion in Determining Eligibility for Program Participation
  18. Eligibility for Time Allowance: Court Finds Rational Basis for Withholding All of Inmate’s Good Time
  19. Temporary Release: Decisions to Deny Inmates Temporary Release Found to Have Rational Basis
  20. Family Reunion Program: Sufficient Grounds Found for Refusing to Allow Offender to Participate
  21. Incarcerated Father Loses Parental Rights
  22. Court Reverses Order Suspending Visitation
  23. Court of Claims Curtails Expansion of State Liability for Inmate Assault
  24. Inmate Awarded Damages for Unauthorized Disclosure of Medical Condition, but None for Emotional Distress
  25. DOCS Not Liable for Inmate’s Basketball Injury; Had No Notice of Defective Conditions
  26. Former Inmate’s Claim for Damages for Unjust Conviction Dismissed on Technicality