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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 15, No. 3

Table of Contents

  1. Supreme Court Upholds Law Protecting Inmates’ Religious Freedom
  2. Restrictions and Rhetoric Intensify Around Sex Offenders
  3. Rockefeller Drug Reform Has Limited Effects
  4. Prisoners’ Legal Services Focuses on Mental Health Law
  5. Due Process: Court Holds Minimal Procedures Sufficient for “Supermax” Assignment
  6. Denial of Hepatitis-C Medication May Violate Eighth Amendment: Case Should Go To Jury
  7. Jury Instructions Upheld in Eighth Amendment Use of Force Case
  8. DOCS Wins Case on Restricted Diet
  9. Court Holds Pro Se Complaints Governed by Minimal Standards
  10. Inmate Was Not Denied Access to Court
  11. Court Outlines Rules Governing “Witness Refusal” Cases
  12. Denial of Assault Victim’s Medical Records Held Harmless Error
  13. A Night on the Town?
  14. Rare Occurrence: Court Reverses Board of Parole, Orders New Hearing
  15. Failure of Sex Offender to Find “Suitable Housing” Deemed Sufficient Ground for Denial of Conditional Release
  16. State Appeals Court Upholds Lower Court Determination That DOCS’ Bar to Hepatitis-C Treatment Constitutes Deliberate Indifference
  17. Inmate Obtains Reduced Sentence Under Rockefeller Drug Law Reform Act
  18. Family of Deceased Inmate Awarded $377,200.00
  19. Family of Pennsylvania Inmate Awarded 2.5 Million in Wrongful Death Claim
  20. Must DOCS Have a Mail Watch Authorization to Uphold Disciplinary Charged for Correspondence Violations?