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Pro Se Newsletter
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Pro Se Newsletter Vol. 15, No. 1

Table of Contents

  1. Second Circuit Holds Appointment of Counsel Sufficient to Satisfy Constitutional Requirement of Access to Court for Inmates
  2. A Message from Tom Terrizi, Executive Director of PLS
  3. Supreme Court Denies Petition for Review on Case Involving Voting Rights of Felons
  4. Qualified Immunity: Can Be Raised in Motion to Dismiss
  5. Post Release Supervision: No Real Remedy for Prisoner When State Fails to Advise of Mandatory Post Release Supervision Period
  6. Court Review of Confinement to AD SEG and IPC
  7. Is New York’s Discretionary Persistent Felony Offender Law Unconstitutional?
  8. Expert Testimony Crucial in Delay of Treatment Cases
  9. Wrongful Confinement: No Prejudice Resulted in Misdesignation of Tier II as Tier III
  10. Administrative Review: Failure of Review Officer to Listen to Tape Does Not Deny Due Process: Failure to Object at Hearing Constitutes Waiver of Right to Call Witnesses
  11. Confidential Information: Failure of Hearing Officer to make Independent Assessment of Reliability of Confidential Informant
  12. Denial of Witness: Requested Witness’s Testimony Irrelevant; Claim of Retaliation Raises Issue of Credibility
  13. Substantial Evidence: No Evidence of Providing Legal Assistance Without Approval
  14. Court Denies Request for Jail Time Credit for Time Spent in Mandated In-Patient Rehabilitation
  15. Parole Board Not Required to Give Equal Weight to Each Statutory Factor
  16. Inmate Testimony Where Mental Illness is an Issue